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TI Training

Transforming Law Enforcement Training with Augmented Reality


Discover how TI Training, in collaboration with Reality8, is reshaping the landscape of law enforcement training through the integration of augmented reality (AR) technology. In this case study, we delve into the innovative approach TI Training has adopted to prepare law enforcement professionals for high-pressure scenarios effectively.

  • Company/Organization: TI Training
  • Industry: Law Enforcement Training
  • Job Title: Ti Training LE Immersive Reality
  • Quote: “Working in partnership with Reality8 to enhance Law Enforcement Judgement Training and Critical thinking.”


About TI Training: TI Training is dedicated to providing Law Enforcement, Military, and Private Sectors with a highly interactive learning experience, incorporating cutting-edge technologies, high-quality products, relevant content, and unwavering professional support. Recognizing the need for more realistic training environments, TI Training has integrated augmented reality into its simulation training programs, elevating the quality and effectiveness of training sessions.

Challenges in Law Enforcement Training

Recent high-profile interactions between law enforcement and the public have underscored the importance of advanced training methods. Law enforcement officers face a multitude of complex and high-risk situations, ranging from encounters with armed individuals to dealing with individuals with varying mental capacities. Additionally, external stressors further complicate their tasks. Conventional training approaches often fall short in replicating the intricacies and pressures of these real-world scenarios.

Our Innovative Solution

TI Training has revolutionized law enforcement training by pioneering the use of augmented reality (AR). Our solution includes:

  • Virtual Digital Content Integration: TI Training is the first US law enforcement training company to fully incorporate virtual digital content into real-world training scenarios.
  • Augmented Reality Glasses: Trainees wear AR glasses that provide an unobstructed view of the training room while enhancing it with powerful digital effects.
  • Specialized Software: Our proprietary software seamlessly integrates digital actors and props into the training room, adding a heightened sense of reality. This includes patrol cars, walls, buildings, fire, smoke, and rain—elements that are challenging to replicate in traditional training settings.
  • Cover and Concealment Objects: Digital cover and concealment objects appear in the training room, providing trainees with realistic obstacles and tools for tactical maneuvering.
  • Trainer Control: Trainers can choreograph AR events in real-time, aligning them with trainees’ actions using location hotspots or triggers.
  • Multi-Trainee Immersion: Multiple trainees can wear AR glasses simultaneously, fostering shared immersive experiences.

Key Features of Our AR Training System

  • Untethered AR Headsets: Freedom of movement without the need for wires or backpacks.
  • Wide Field of View: A 100-degree field of view for an immersive experience.
  • Comfortable Fit: Glasses designed to be worn over personal eyewear.
  • Real-Time Interaction: Trainees can interact with bystanders and crowds in real-time.
  • View-Through Capability: Trainees can see their hands, training weapons, and colleagues while interacting with the virtual environment.


The collaboration between TI Training and Reality8 represents a monumental shift in law enforcement training. By immersing trainees in realistic scenarios and stressors, we’ve successfully bridged the gap between theory and practice. Our augmented reality training solution sets new standards for preparing law enforcement professionals, enhancing public safety, and ultimately saving lives.

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