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Bridging the Gap with Immersive AR Experiences


Creative Producer/Strategist at Animas

“Reality8 made it possible for independent artists to see their work come to life in a new medium they never thought possible. We collaborated on an immersive gallery experience that provided moments of awe for viewers and the artists alike. New ideas were definitely planted after seeing how fun AR experiences could be in live event environments.”

  • Company/Organization: Animas
  • Industry: Festivals and Entertainment


About Animas: Animas is on a mission to create immersive experiences for community music and arts festivals in both the physical and virtual worlds. Their vision is to educate and empower local creative and entrepreneurial communities using innovative tech and web3 tools. With a focus on smaller, high-quality events, Animas is dedicated to inclusive representation, ensuring that underrepresented voices always take center stage.

Challenges Faced by Small Cities

Many cities face significant challenges when it comes to bringing music and arts programs to their communities. The lack of infrastructure and financial support poses obstacles for local creatives and grassroots organizations. These entities require platforms that can provide long-lasting visibility, potentially leading to transformative changes within the city.

Our Solution: Bridging the Gap with AR and Web3

Animas has set out to revolutionize the festival and entertainment industry by leveraging web3 strategies to create accessible and immersive experiences, even in cities without traditional support or infrastructure for music, arts, and tech programs. Their innovative approach incorporates AR, XR, and NFT activations, transforming festivals into dynamic and futuristic showcases.

The Art Basel 2022 Experience

At Art Basel 2022, Animas partnered with Reality8 to craft a truly unique AR experience. Using Reality8 Venue software, Animas brought to life over 50 digital art pieces created by young members of the LGBTQ+ Prism Collective. This innovative software enabled Animas to create an AR gallery with ease, using a “drag and drop” interface.

Visitors wearing AR headsets were treated to a surreal sight, with framed art pieces appearing to float in a starry sky above them, and others suspended in a central walk-around area. This flexible AR experience could be seamlessly repositioned to suit multiple locations, making it easy to operate and adapt. The result was a captivating blend of live and virtual music, art, and performances, driving heightened engagement and sparking viral social buzz.


Animas, in collaboration with Reality8, has successfully broken down barriers and brought the magic of immersive AR experiences to smaller cities and festivals. By combining creativity with cutting-edge technology, they’ve created a blueprint for reimagining the future of entertainment. If you’re looking to take your events to the next level and leave a lasting impression, Animas and Reality8 are your partners in innovation.

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