Are You Ready For AR

Augmented Reality (AR) is new and fast moving market, in the era of Covid-19 where social distancing has become a reality AR offers the ability to enhance your business or personal lives by combining the physical and digital worlds.


AR is a fast-emerging novel way to have immersive entertainment and brand promotion experiences. Realmax 100 glasses with their massive field of view enables virtual objects or people to transform and enhance the real-world view to give a truly immersive experience. You do not have the feeling of “looking through a window” you are actually “in the view from the window.” From live streamed concerts where fans can see virtual AR interactive effects during a show, to watching the concert with the full-sized 3D rendition of the star looking directly at the user from the comfort of their own home or smaller location, all are now possible! Allow customers to review and evaluate your new products that are not yet released or when they are unable to travel to see them? These can be seen using 3D interactive AR models. Looking to promote that new car? Customers can view it at home, changing options such as color, wheels, leather thread stitching, to see how it looks and if it will fit comfortably in their garage. These are just some of the ways Realmax 100 and Reality8 software solutions can provide an entirely new way to entertain and promote goods to customers wherever they are.


By using AR to integrate digital information into the user’s real-world environment, the Realmax 100 glasses can simultaneously bring multiple different monitor information to a surgeon’s world view, distract patient during difficult treatments, and help explain complex treatments or situations to patients. VR has been proven very effective for use in medicine for planning, training, and assisting patients to relax. However, VR can cause nausea in some people that does not happen in AR. With the massive field of view, the Realmax 100 glasses have the option of being either VR or AR. When it is necessary or more comfortable for the user to be able to see digital content layered over the real world our glasses are ideal.


As the landscape of education continues to evolve, easily produced immersive AR/VR content is a critical tool that can be used to meet the needs of tomorrows students and educators. The Realmax 100 AR/VR glasses can be used to stream AR content to one or more students connected with a simple WIFI signal from a router in a classroom or directly from the “cloud.” If pre-created packaged content is not exactly what is wanted then educators can use Reality8’s software platform Venue, no programming skill required, to produce their own custom content from libraries of pre-build 3D assets for use in their classroom. AR, by adding virtual objects of physical devices or objects to the real world, helps classroom learning environments, either physical or virtual, to be more interactive and focus on practical applications. One recent use case is of a special educational needs teacher who used a simple Kinect to volumetric capture a video of herself explaining simple work skills for her students. Trust issues made the use of generic training videos problematic as learning who to trust or take advice from was an ongoing life skill.


Are you looking to rent the Realmax 100 glasses for that new experience at a trade show – real or virtual, want important customers to experience and interact with your new product or have a VIP experience at a festival or live streamed event? We offer short term rentals – shipping our glasses to and from the event hassle free. Just call or email us to discuss your needs with the Realmax team.

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