Meet The Team

Nigel Burton

Nigel, the esteemed CEO of Realmax Inc, is a seasoned professional with an impressive track record in the technology industry. Nigel’s journey began in 1989 when he joined Microsoft Corp in Redmond, WA, where he held the position of General Manager of Small Business Products and General Manager of Development Tools.

Following his departure from Microsoft in 2010, Nigel assumed the role of President at 8LAS Inc. During this time, he spearheaded the development of systems software for prominent AR companies, including Epson, Meta, and Immy. His expertise and contributions propelled the growth and success of the AR industry.

Since 2016, Nigel has held the position of CTO at Realmax in Shanghai, a pioneering company specializing in the design and manufacturing of the Realmax100 Augmented Reality Glasses. His visionary leadership and technical acumen have been instrumental in driving innovation within the company.

Anne Burton

Anne, COO of Reality8, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our organization.

She worked as COO for Realmax Inc, the worldwide company for Realmax that designs, develops and manufactures the Realmax Qian/100 AR glasses. While living in Asia, she acted as a consultant for Realmax China on the use of AR in international schools and Universities, and for the University of Sunderland (UK) on their post-graduate international teaching certificate and master’s in education course in Asia. Her passion for education led her to drive the adoption of AR/VR technology in education and develop groundbreaking Augmented Reality tools with Nigel for training, education, entertainment, and healthcare sectors.

In the day-to-day operations of Reality8, Anne acts as the customer advocate, ensuring user-friendly and valuable solutions. Her keen insights and understanding of customer needs shape our products and services, empowering users to harness the full potential of Augmented Reality technology. Anne’s extensive background and collaborative approach play a pivotal role in driving Reality8’s success, solidifying our position as industry leaders, continuously revolutionizing the way training, education, entertainment, and healthcare benefit from Augmented Reality.

Sophie Louise

Sophie is an experienced lead software developer at Reality8. A graduate from Yale-NUS, she brings her innovative, imaginative and unconventional mindset to our team. Sophie has played a pivotal role in driving our technological advancements in augmented reality by bringing fresh perspectives on the latest programming trends and latest language developments.

Outside of the world of coding and shaping the future of AR from behind her computer screen, Sophie has diverse passions; from a rock hound and lover of the metallurgy of Japanese katana’s, to raising two Friesian horses, Thor and Echo. As a third culture kid, she has a 3-D view of the world and functions effectively across national, ethnic, and organizational cultures. However, if Sophie were to be summed up in only one word it would be curious.

Matthew Brydon

Matt is an integral part of the Reality8 team, bringing his dynamic presence and deep passion for IT and Augmented Reality (AR) to our projects. His background spans various tech fields, reflecting his commitment to continuous skill development. Within Reality8, Matt contributes significantly, from meticulous product testing to crafting cutting-edge website developments.

Beyond the tech world, Matt finds enjoyment in the realm of music and embraces opportunities to acquire new skills. Whether he’s unraveling the intricacies of the latest software or indulging in binge-watching the latest TV shows, Matt epitomizes the spirit of a well-rounded individual fueled by curiosity and a relentless pursuit of excellence. With his profound love for AR and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Matt plays a pivotal role in driving innovation and expanding the boundaries of immersive technology at Reality8.

Quinn Dye

Meet Quinn, one of the fresh faces at Reality8. Currently pursuing an Associates Degree in Business Management at Bellingham Technical College, Quinn is on track to graduate next year. While relatively new to the Reality8 team, Quinn’s commitment to learning and growing in the tech industry is evident, and they bring a fresh perspective to the table. With a strong foundation in business management, Quinn is poised to contribute valuable insights to our dynamic team and play a significant role in our future endeavors.

John McMacken

John is an engineer for Reality8. He works on both hardware and software functionality assessment and improvement. John is skilled at devising practical methods for deploying Reality8’s end-to-end solutions to customers. He works on evaluating and testing the usability of software and experiences, designing 3D experiences, and service and maintenance of AR hardware.

Prior to joining Reality8, John was an off grid electrical systems engineer in which he designed sustainable independent electrical systems for camper vans heading to the mountains and for hunting cabins requiring solar systems to a full power bank system for a catamaran.

He recently worked as an operations engineer on a barge at sea off the coast of Egegik, Alaska running logistics and operations during the summer salmon season.

He is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys snowboarding and ice fishing in the winter to hiking and sailing in the summer. John merges this with his love of travel by hiking in Nepal or sailing in the Pacific Northwest waters.

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