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We specialize in creating groundbreaking software solutions for state-of-the-art AR glasses, empowering you to explore a new dimension of possibilities.

Unleashing the Power of Augmented Reality

With unparalleled industry experience, Reality8 stands out as a leader. Our advanced software propels the world into the future, while our wealth of expertise enables us to create tailored experiences that meet your unique needs.

AR Made Easy: The Reality8 Venue Platform Empowers Anyone to Craft Immersive Experiences!

Experience the future with Reality8’s cutting-edge AR technology. Reality8 Venue allows creative experts to assemble a digital space with the ease of placing props on a stage. By using the provided library’s of 3D elements or by importing their own 3D models, almost any real world environment can be replicated in AR. Users can expect unparalleled immersion, enhanced interactions, and limitless possibilities. From training and education to entertainment and healthcare, our solutions unlock a new dimension of potential, revolutionizing how we perceive and engage with the world around us.

Step into a New Reality

Experience a captivating realm of augmented reality with the groundbreaking Realmax 100 glasses. Realmax 100 glasses have a 101┬░ diagonal field of view (FOV), these glasses combined the power of AR and VR, enveloping you in a mesmerizing mixed reality world. With seamless compatibility with prescription glasses and effortless calibration, these glasses are perfect for both location-based experiences and widespread use. Experience true freedom with inside-out tracking, allowing you to immerse yourself in AR adventures anywhere you go. Realmax 100 glasses redefine reality, unveiling a captivating universe of limitless possibilities to explore and discover.

Transforming Industries, One Innovation at a Time


Augmented reality allows many types of training to be conducted with life like authenticity without requiring cumbersome props or countless staff to oversee trainee exercises. Trainees, can simply put on a set of AR glasses and prefect their skills within a simulated recreation of almost any real world situation. Reality 8 already provides augmented reality platforms within fields including law enforcement and healthcare. AR empowers police forces with realistic simulations for tactical training, enhancing decision-making and situational awareness. In healthcare, AR facilitates immersive medical training, enabling surgeons to practice complex procedures and improving patient outcomes.


With the arrival of augmented reality onto mobile phones and the recent announcement of Apple® AR glasses the social networks are full of excited consumers eager to try this next generation user experience. Reality8 is already supporting providers and operators of consumer entertainment experiences that allow them to open their doors in 2023.


The Reality8 Venue software platform takes care of augmented reality development challenges, such as device integration, multi-user communication, and operator management. The Reality8 Venue platform allows rich scripted components to be created using the Unity 3D toolset and then imported into a mixed reality world. Supported hardware will soon expand to include mobile devices such as the Apple Iphone and augmented reality headsets such as the Apple Vision Pro.


Barry Issemberg (Director Miami University Gordon Centre For Simulation In Health Care)

"An exceptional partner in our endeavours to revolutionize healthcare applications."

Reality 8 has been an exceptional partner in our endeavours to revolutionize healthcare applications. Their AR/MR solutions have not only been technically sound and innovative, but also intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring quick adoption among our healthcare professionals.

Alexandria (Animas)

Uniting Creativity and Technology to Redefine Festival Experiences."

Animas’ collaboration with Reality8 has been a visionary partnership, uniting creativity and technology to reshape festival experiences. By embracing augmented reality (AR), Animas has created immersive environments that captivate audiences and artists alike. This partnership has pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in live events, inspiring new ideas and adding an extra layer of wonder to every festival. Together, Animas and Reality8 are at the forefront of crafting unforgettable moments in the world of entertainment.

Todd B (TI Training)

"Reality8 Transformed Training at TI Training: A Game-Changing Partnership"

TI Training’s partnership with Reality8 has been transformative. By leveraging Reality8’s cutting-edge AR technology, our training programs have evolved, providing first responders with a highly immersive and realistic learning experience. This collaboration has elevated our training to new heights, equipping officers to face real-world challenges with confidence, ultimately enhancing community safety and interactions.

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